Analyzing the Thai Flower Slot

While there are many fascinating places to visit in Southeast Asia, Thailand is among the most memorable. Thailand shares a tropical environment with its neighbors, but the country’s culture stands out for its ability to blend the contemporary comforts and warm hospitality with the country’s storied past.

That’s the special vibe that Barcrest’s Thai Flower slot machine aims to capture. Read InsideCasino’s comprehensive analysis to find out more.

Thai Flower Slot Machine Instructions


Slot machines powered by the Barcrest software may play Thai Flower. Because of how well received the original version was by Canadian casino patrons, it was adapted for play on the web and is now available on desktop and mobile browsers. In fact, because to the success of Thai Flower, several other companies have released games with a Thai theme.


The game’s Thai setting lends an air of exoticism, and if you’re successful, you may win a tidy sum. Thankfully, Thai Flower is also a mobile game, so you can play it on your phone or tablet!


When it comes to bonuses, Thai Flower is more akin to a standard video slot machine. The Free Spins bonus round is triggered by getting the Lotus symbol (which is both a wild and a scatter) on reels 1, 3, and 5. This can result in up to 12 free spins.

Thai Flower has what characteristics?


The game’s accessibility to newcomers with little to no experience with slot machines is one of our favorite features of Thai Flower. There are a few unique aspects of Thai Flower that might increase a player’s chances of winning.


No Risk Turns

There is a built-in bonus feature in Thai Flower that can provide you with up to 12 extra spins. All it takes is getting the Thai Flowers logo, or the lotus flower particularly, on any of the game’s 10 active paylines for this to happen.



If you find the routine of spinning the reels to be too monotonous, the autoplay mode in Thai Flower can take over for you. You have complete control over the amount wagered and the number of automatic spins. Now, you may prevent returning to an empty bankroll by setting a loss limit that halts autoplay whenever a certain amount of money has been lost.


Content, Visuals, and Sound

The setting of Thai Flower is very obvious from the name: it’s a tropical paradise in Thailand, complete with a temple and a native character. Besides the lotus flower (from which the game takes its name) and the high-value symbols (which include a traditional long-tail boat, an elephant, and a golden urn), there is not much else in this game that is clearly inspired by Thailand.


A Brief Overview of Our Thai Flower Test

There’s no denying that this slot machine game is among the simplest available; it has all the hallmarks of a streamlined creation meant for gamers of all skill levels. Simple gameplay and aesthetics may turn off some people, but we don’t think that’s inherently a negative thing.


Theme-appropriate images and soundtrack

Gameplay is intuitive and free spins are frequently awarded.


For some, the game’s mechanics may be tedious.

Return on Investment (RTI) is a little low.

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